Accelerate digital transformation with cloud native technologies

05 May 2022

Every industry will become a software industry in the near future, and software has become the core competitiveness and source of innovation for businesses. Enterprises in all industries should build their own software development teams, shift in focus from purchasing standardized software to custom software that meets their development and competitive needs, and gradually establish modern software development specifications, which is one of the goals of enterprise digital transformation, while cloud-native concepts and technologies are the catalysts that accelerate traditional enterprises' digital transformation.

Business needs are the primary driver for companies choosing digital transformation

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Cloud-native technologies drive accelerated digital transformation for enterprises

The aims of cloud-native architectures and conceptions are similar to those of business digital transformation initiatives.

CIOs are concerned about how to offer IT capabilities and products effectively and with good quality in a sensitive company with significant innovation and uncertainty. At this time, it is frequently difficult to find ready-made software solutions that are both adaptable and relevant to company demands on the market, and developers must rely on their own creation and quick iterative development.

Traditional waterfall development may take months or even years, which clearly does not match the demands of fast-changing business environments and competitiveness. Only by CI/CD and DevOps, as well as building a strong R&D capability and controlling the entire application lifecycle from development to testing to operation and maintenance, will we be able to create a rapid iterative capability and profits for the enterprise at the same rate as the business.